Practical Parenting Magazine

The magazine’s core audiences are pregnant women and mothers who are raising kids with ages 0-5 years of age. The topics provided in this parenting magazine range from different topics – to pregnancy, motherhood, news on newborn babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, advices from other mothers, and more. This magazine is perfect for any kind of mothers who are constantly seeking for guidance and opinions, even through the magazine. Mothers in particular, need a lot of helping hand in their parenting and nurturing skills, since they have the most difficult task at all. With the help of this magazine, mothers increase their chances in disciplining and raising their children the right way.

A lot of mothers and pregnant women prefer this magazine over other rival magazines. Aside from these parenting and motherly tips and advices, there are special corners for step-by-step guides and healthy recipes. Also, mothers like to read opinions and columns from journalists like Super Nanny Jo Frost, who provide expert answers to questions sent in from avid magazine readers. Other columns are also well popular as it provides more insight and information regarding pregnancy, health, labor and birth, and a few others. Also, the magazine supplies a list of healthy baby products, pregnancy products, and list of addresses of agencies or medical hospitals that cater to the mothers’ needs.

Majority of the women are willing to buy a Practical Parenting subscription every monthly because they want to be updated with the latest resources and advices from psychologists, mothers, and even the resident columnists. The contents contained in this magazine really change the way mothers treat their children, no matter how old they are. Each subscription offers something valuable and most of the contents are never rehashed. They are all original and unique – and this makes any avid reader very happy because they are surely getting their money’s worth.

Practical Parenting Reader Statistics

If you are still skeptical with the over popularity with this magazine, then you may take a closer look with the survey taken from ABC Audit Report, where it conducted a Readership Survey almost a year ago. Based on the results, majority of the subscribers are women, with 50.6% while 49.4% of the subscribers are men. Meanwhile, 63.5% of respondents who have children in their households buy their own subscriptions from grocery stores. Twenty five percent of readers come from people with ages 25-49 years old, while 50 years older and above came in second with only 21.8%.

For those who are convinced on getting a Practical Parenting magazine subscription for the first time, they will be on for a big surprise, as they get special offers. The reason why they offer these valuable offers is they want to attract you to become a loyal customer. Also, this is also a plan to introduce the magazine to other mothers or to pregnancy women who may also need help in solving their current problems – such as disciplining a preschooler, becoming firsthand caregivers to your own baby, or preparing light, yet, healthy meals for their children with limited time. New subscribers will never regret having their monthly copies of this magazine.