Teaching your child through attachment parenting

The challenges that most parents face every day is that their kids learn bad values from the society. Children are heavily influenced by violence and other forms of bad behavior from television, in schools, and from their friends. It’s up to the parents to become good role models and on how they can shift their children’s focus from these bad influences into good ones – by attaching good values such as kindness, respect, discipline, responsibility and dignity.

Effective parenting comes with skills. Each parent is unique and creates their own or follows very similar attachment parenting styles. Their parenting techniques may be influenced or derived based on their religious norms, culture, environment, or from their own upbringing from their own parents. Still, we have to realize that parenting can sometimes lead to failure – parents should admit their shortcomings and fight these obstacles so they can raise their kids better.
Children at a very young age lack knowledge and wisdom. Because of this, parents must be available at all times to teach and explain to their kids how the society works. They should tell their kids early on that people may sometimes turn vicious and each individual has his or her own opinions in certain matters. Also, kids must learn how to treat other people with respect so they will be rewarded with the same kindness and respect too. If parents attach these values to their children, they won’t have any problems with their kids once they grow up.

With or without attachment parenting, no one is perfect

We understand that not all parents are perfect. Sometimes parents commit mistakes in dealing with their kids and this can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. However, parents should not think too hard on themselves and just move on. If they learned well from their mistakes, the best thing to do is avoid repeating it in the future. Admit their mistakes in front of their children and give reasons why they should not emulate it because it leads to a bad example from other people.
Parents who still lack confidence in their parenting skills may seek help and support from other groups – one of them is the Attachment Parenting International. This non-organization promotes attachment parenting. This organization provides parents with enough materials, trainings, and other resources so that parents will learn to strengthen their bond and relationships with their children. Most of the principles shared by this non-profit group are: positive discipline, balanced personal and family life, emotional responsiveness, and more.

When to start attachment parenting

As early as possible, parents should start applying this style of parenting, even if they are still babies. Parents can build up their relationships with their toddler through attachment parenting sleeping – otherwise known as co-sleeping. Sleeping with a toddler is already a form of training as they teach their babies to sleep during the night and learning how to sleep on their own. There are mechanics on toddler sleeping and it takes a lot of practice until your baby learns the habit on their own.
A lot of people are still confused about this parenting style and they often form an attachment parenting criticism without understanding what it really means. It never promotes permissive parenting in the first place. Attachment parenting is all about being attentive to your children’s needs and provides them with good values so they may apply them in their later stages in life.