Avoid bad parenting

When it comes to parenting, there is no formula, methods, or skills to perfect parenting. Parents based their nourishing skills through emotions, past experiences, and sometimes, gut feeling. Since all children behave differently, parents could not easily solve their problems. Also, parents have to prioritize one important matter to the other. Since parents could not easily identify the needs and priorities of each child, parenting assessment is needed to weigh the most important ones and the least important ones. In spite of everything, we cannot deny that parents commit mistakes and it needs correcting before the action becomes constant.

Bad parenting by fault or by mistake?

While there are parents that do not even deserve to become parents because they are truly bad examples to their children and to the society, there are still few parents who do not mean any harm. These kinds of parents made huge mistakes, admitted their mistakes, and eventually learn from them. But even if their actions came unintentionally, they still committed bad parenting. The actions from the parents will eventually leave a scar because of the incidents. In this case, the parents should find ways to make amends, apologize, and provide explanations to their kids about their behavior. If there is constant communication between the parents and the child, something good came out of it.

Parents, who felt they have wronged their children, should not be hard on themselves. Yes, they may feel bad or horrible because of what they did to their kids but that doesn’t mean they cannot make amends. Surely, your experience may not be much worse from other parents. If you read a couple of quotes on bad parenting, you’ll be surprised to know that you are not alone in dealing with parenting problems. This one particular quote from a single mother says, “My life has been unusual. I was born to unusual circumstances, but I’m surviving and going through crap just like anybody else. Sure, it might be on a different level and maybe in a different way, but my life is the same as anybody’s. When people look at any life under a microscope, it might seem terrible, but I’ve met people with worse stories.”

The fine line between good parenting & bad parenting

If you are struggling as a parent, just remember that you are not alone. There are still other parents like you who are trying their best to nurture their kids despite their shortcomings and setbacks. However, if your actions towards parenting are leaning towards negativity, the effects of bad parenting may be severe. You should be careful on what you are teaching to your kids and nurture them with good values.

For instance, if your kid commits a bad behavior, never result to punishment, because it still falls under bad parenting examples. You may think it’s a good idea to punish your kid, but the result of your punishment may turn into aggressive behavior and disrespect towards you or to any other figures in authority. Remember, nobody is perfect so you can make amends, admit your faults to your children and give an explanation so they may understand your actions in the beginning. Admitting your mistakes in front of your kids takes a whole lot of courage, but surely, they will understand that you never meant any harm – you are merely doing it for their benefit.